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International Mail Services

Our International Mail Services can help make participating in the global economy easier and more affordable by reducing the complexity and cost of mailing to more than 200 countries and territories. By relying on UPS Mail Innovations for processing and transportation, customers can realize significant labor and cost savings.

Handling both priority and economy classes of international mail, UPS Mail Innovations has a time-in-transit record that is one to four days faster than other international mail service providers.

Consider the following advantages mailing internationally with UPS Mail Innovations:

Experience proven speed and reliability
We provide the same level of outstanding speed and service for international mailings as we do with domestic mail. Once in our facility, we process and deliver to international postal authorities within 24 hours.

Reduce costs with simplified international postage
UPS Mail Innovations helps save our customers up to 25 percent or more on most international mail. And, once we determine the areas a customer ships to the most, we can provide them with one postal rate to ship anywhere in the world.

Realize increased efficiency
Proprietary technology enables us to process mail, generate manifests and alert global postal authorities, simplifying and expediting worldwide delivery. Our first class service transit times average 4 to 8 days, while economy services average 7 to 14 days.

Customized for your needs
We offer a wide range of international mailing options that reduce workload and costs, whether our customers are shipping five pounds or one million pounds.

Value-added services
Additional services designed to increase flexibility and improve current and future accuracy include customized management reports, the ability to postmark mail in whatever country you choose, and the automatic updating of mailing lists from undeliverable mail data.

UPS Mail Innovations is ready to save you time and costs. We are familiar with many of the challenges faced by today's mail communication managers and are committed to providing our services as your solution for international mail. Contact us at 1.800.500.2224 ext.2.

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